Establish a Scholarship


Scholarship Funds at the Community Foundation of Harford County are established by caring donors who have a commitment to higher education and wish to provide assistance to students wanting to further their education.  Each donor outlines the specific criteria for his/her scholarship, and as a result, the scholarships have varying eligibility requirements.

Scholarship Funds can be set up to benefit students from particular geographic areas or schools, attending certain post-secondary institutions, or entering certain fields of study.  CFHC’s status as a public charity ensures donors to scholarship and other funds have the maximum tax deductions available under the law.

Establishing a Scholarship at CFHC is PERFECT for donors.

PROFESSIONAL STAFF is available to help with every aspect of scholarship administration.

ENHANCED VISIBILITY for your scholarship. By starting a scholarship fund with CFHC, your fund will be publicized at every high school in the county and/or appropriate colleges and universities.

RECOGNITION for you as a donor, if desired, is assured. Each fund is listed on our website, in our annual report and in additional publicity materials. Information is released annually to the appropriate newspapers when scholarships are awarded. If the donor wishes, grant-award letters encourage recipients to send a letter of thanks to the donor and/or advisory committee of the fund.

FLEXIBILITY to meet individual needs is a hallmark of CFHC.  CFHC manages a wide variety of funds as diverse as our clients’ interests.

EXTRAORDINARY RELIABILITY of the Community Foundation of Harford County.  In partnership with its donors, CFHC dedicates itself to meeting community needs throughout the Harford County area.

COMPLETE IRS AND STATE REPORTING IS DONE FOR YOU. Scholarship funds have stringent reporting requirements. CFHC takes responsibility for filing all reports for its scholarship funds.

TAX BENEFITS for donors. CFHC is a 501(c)(3) public charity.  Clients enjoy the most favorable treatment by the IRS, whether a gift is in cash, securities, real estate, a bequest or any other planned giving vehicle.