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Help Your Neighbor Fund

The Help Your Neighbor Fund was created in 2015 by CFHC in response to significant increases in calls for emergency assistance for basic human needs for individuals and families in Harford County. The severity and urgency of the need and the impact of the financial support on an individual’s or family’s ability to remain independent should be the determining consideration in providing support.

Grant awards range from a minimum $250 to a maximum $1,000 to provide emergency financial assistance to senior citizens, families and individuals in need in Harford County. Funding will be awarded to nonprofit organizations and programs that offer utility, housing, transportation, prescription, or food assistance. Grants may not provide direct cash assistance to individuals.

Help Your Neighbor Fund Application


Please consider a gift to the Help Your Neighbor Fund so that you can help Harford County people in need like our neighbors below:

Sylvia was a single mother of four children struggling to make ends meet after separating from the children’s father. Without reliable transportation, it was difficult to keep a steady job to support her family. CFHC’s Help Your Neighbor Fund stepped in to provide the resources necessary to help Harford Family House and Vehicles for Change to assist Sylvia. This partnership made it possible for Sylvia to purchase a vehicle and get her family back on the track to success. Having her own transportation has enabled Sylvia to keep a job and take care of her family. Won’t you help a neighbor like Sylvia?

After her husband died, Rosalie’s house was foreclosed and she had to move in with family. No longer being able to stay there, Rosalie received assistance to stay in a motel while she waited for a shelter bed to open. But the motel became too expensive, and she ended up living in her van. When a bed became available at Welcome One, Rosalie could finally rest easy and plan her next step. With support from CFHC’s Help Your Neighbor Fund, Harford Community Action Agency helped Rosalie find income-based housing she could afford with her widow’s benefits and her part-time job. “Everyone’s been so nice, helpful and concerned,” Rosalie said. “Staying here has given me time to think, given me a peace of mind to plan for the future.” Can you help your neighbors in need to get on their feet and plan for the future?

Many of us take so many things for granted. Work, school, a home, plenty to eat. Yet not all children have a place to sleep and end up crashing on couches or rolled-up blankets on the floor. The Hammond Family struggled like so many to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Beds for their children were a luxury and simply not possible, or something else would have to give. When CFHC’s Help Your Neighbor Fund awarded a grant to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, 20 children received a new warm bed to sleep in, some of them never having had a bed of their own before. The Hammond kids now have a place to sleep … a place to dream … a place to recharge so that they can function the next day and develop. Won’t you help other children like the Hammond kids?

Just ask the members of RAMS4OTHERS, a group of Edgewood High School alumni who use their school spirit to give back. RAMS4OTHERS raised money together to create the Help Your Neighbor Fund at the Community Foundation of Harford County. 40 alumni Rams made a minimum $250 pledge to start the fund that CFHC uses to help fellow Harford County residents with emergency financial needs. Won’t you join RAMS4OTHERS and Help Your Neighbor?


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