Colin J. Haller 1986-2014

Colin J. Haller was a natural entrepreneur, author and successful businessman. As owner and founder of Azuran Digital, LLC, he specialized in internet marketing. His tech-savvy skills combined with a passion for sharing knowledge led him into the field of search engine optimization, where he enabled clients to make the most of their websites by using new and creative ways to boost their website traffic. He was a prolific writer, authoring dozens of articles, several blogs and two e-books, on topics as diverse as weight lifting to online gaming. Prior to his work in internet marketing, he launched numerous websites that offered advice on health, fitness, pain management, technology, home goods and online trends, while his online gaming websites attracted a large following from around the world. Aside from his extensive online business, he also consulted as a personal trainer, strength coach and fitness expert.

Colin grew up in the small, historic town of Havre de Grace located on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Harford County. He attended Havre de Grace High School where he excelled in academics and proved to be a valuable team member in varsity soccer, cross country, track & field, swimming and volleyball. Colin was the Havre de Grace High School recipient of the Al Cesky scholarship of Harford County and was selected as a Meyerhoff scholar, a prestigious scholarship program at The University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

However, since the Meyerhoff Scholars’ program objective was to graduate students as a PhD in research science, and not to use the program as a stepping stone to medical school, Colin withdrew from the program in 2006, and transferred to the University of Maryland at College Park where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology in 2008. Upon graduating from college, Colin accepted a position as the athletic director at Father Martin’s Ashley, an inpatient addictions treatment center, where he helped patients develop and facilitate specific goals for their physical health that would complement their recovery.

Colin’s greatest interest was in medicine and in advancing new discoveries in pain management. His primary goal was to attend medical school. Unfortunately, Colin passed away from melanoma before he could realize his dream.

The purpose of this scholarship fund is to honor Colin’s life by raising public awareness about melanoma, the deadliest of skin cancers, and to provide the students of Harford County with a demonstration of what they can attain if they devote time, effort and hard work in order to realize their dream. For more information, visit