Explore Our Funds

We offer a range of funds, allowing you to choose the vehicle best suited to you and your goals.  We manage both endowed funds, preserving the gift in perpetuity and generating dollars for grant-making annually, and non-endowed funds, spending the principal gift over time.


Accumulator Funds

Most funds in CFHC require a minimum start-up gift of $10,000.  An Accumulator Fund gives you the flexibility of building up to the minimum start-up amount for an endowed fund over 36 months. No grants are made until the fund reaches at least $10,000. At that time, you can decide how your fund will operate from the following options.

Donor-Advised Funds

Establishing a donor advised fund allows you to make a gift to CFHC and be involved in suggesting uses for your gift.  Grant awards are issued to charities in the name of the fund (or anonymously if you prefer). It’s a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving.

Minimum start-up donation:  $10,000

Designated Funds

You name the organization(s) that will receive grants from your Fund.  CFHC ensures that the grants are used for their intended purpose.  Endowing the designated fund establishes a long-term funding source for a particular organization.

Minimum start-up donation:  $10,000

Field of Interest Funds

You choose a charitable subject area (for example, the arts, education, human services, etc.), and CFHC will direct grants to the nonprofits providing solutions to your area of interest.

Minimum start-up donation:  $10,000

Scholarship Funds

You can identify one or more areas of study, geographic parameters, and/or specific educational institutions, and then work with CFHC to establish criteria for awarding scholarships from your Fund.  CFHC will design an application process to attract and support qualified students.

Minimum start-up donation:  $10,000

Unrestricted Funds

An unrestricted fund can address a range of local needs, including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made.  The flexibility of your unrestricted gift enables CFHC to respond to the greatest community needs, new programs, emergencies, or innovative programs.

Minimum start-up donation:  $10,000

Agency Funds

Nonprofit organizations and their supporters can establish a permanent endowment fund to support their charity in perpetuity.  CFHC handles the administrative and investment responsibilities, freeing the organization to pursue its charitable mission.

Minimum start-up donation:  $10,000

Administrative Fund

CFHC relies on annual operating gifts and gifts to the Administrative Endowment to expand philanthropy throughout Harford County and to assist local nonprofits, helping them improve their bottom line and efficiency.

Minimum start-up donation:  No minimum