Administrative and Investment Fees

A small administrative fee is charged to each fund held by the Community Foundation.  The fee is used exclusively to support the operating expenses of CFHC.  The fee structure is listed below.

The full policies are available from the CFHC office upon request.


Donor-Advised Funds, Endowed

First $1,000,000: 1.25%
Next $4,000,000: 1.05%
Next $5,000,000: 0.85%
Amount over $10,000,000: 0.65%


Donor-Advised Funds, Non-endowed

First $500,000: 1.75%
Next $500,000: 1.50%
Next $4,000,000: 1.25%
Next $5,000,000: 1.0%
Amount over $10,000,000: 0.75%


Corporate Donor-Advised Funds, Non-endowed

Annual fee of $1,500 for up to $40,000 contributed in each calendar year, plus 2% of contribution in excess of $40,000 per calendar year.  Maximum of 2 grant award cycles per calendar year.


Unrestricted Funds, Field of Interest Funds, and Designated Funds, Endowed

First $1,000,000: 1.25%
Next $4,000,000: 1.0%
Next $5,000,000: 0.75%
Amount over $10,000,000: 0.50%


Scholarship Funds

1.75% for funds using CFHC common application

2.25% for all other scholarship funds

Scholarship minimum award $500


Accumulator Funds



Agency Endowment Funds

First $1,000,000: 1.0%
Next $4,000,000: 0.75%
Over $5,000,000: 0.25%


Supporting Organizations (Charter Foundations)

All charter foundations must be started with a minimum of $1,000,000.

First $1,000,000: 1.25%
Next $4,000,000: 1.05%
Next $5,000,000: 0.85%
Amount over $10,000,000: 0.65%


Special Projects

Fees range from 2.25% to 15% based on services provided by CFHC.


Investment and Other Fees

Investment fees charged to the Foundation will be apportioned among similarly invested funds and paid by the Fund.  Current investment fees average .72% annually.

Any extraordinary direct expenses incurred on a fund’s behalf, such as a commission for the sale of contributed stock or expenses associated with the sale of a gift of property will be paid by the donor. Additional fees may be assessed for extra services such as special grant processing, program development and management, scholarship review, extraordinary technical support, or other non-standard services.