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Why work with CFHC?

CFHC is another tool in your toolbox when assisting your clients with their planning and financial decision-making. We make engaging in philanthropy easy for your clients and tailor our funds to their specific wishes, allowing them to begin giving back today and/or leave a lasting, impactful legacy in Harford County. CFHC is not affiliated with any specific cause – your client’s cause is our cause. For more information on how we can assist you, please email or call us at, 443-371-6062.

How CFHC works with Professional Advisors

Connecting values to high impact opportunities

CFHC’s expertise in customizing charitable-giving solutions has made us the philanthropic service provider of choice for professional advisors throughout Harford County. In our role as a neutral partner, we create innovative solutions that help advisors successfully accomplish their clients’ charitable goals and maximize their tax deductions.

Our experienced staff and extensive resources make us an ideal partner for gift planning. Our financial and investment history ensures that donors and advisors alike can trust our fiscal stewardship of their charitable visions.

Our extensive knowledge, resources and relationships enable us to identify or develop an ideal vehicle for realizing the diverse charitable goals of our donors.

Snapshot of how CFHC can work with your clients

  • We open your client’s fund in a name they have chosen.
  • Your client makes a gift now or adds CFHC’s simple bequest language to their will – ensuring their assets will come to their fund at their death.
  • Their gift can be placed into an endowment that is invested over time. Earnings from their fund are used to make grants addressing community needs according to the donor’s wishes.
  • Their gift and all future earnings from the gift are a permanent source of community capital – helping to make good things happen in Harford County in perpetuity.
CFHC Advisor Resources

CFHC Highlights

  • Variety of gift vehicles to suit your clients needs.
  • More accessible and easier way to start a family foundation – CFHC becomes the philanthropic backoffice for your clients and their families.
  • CFHC can accept a wide variety of asset types – from appreciated stock to real estate.
  • We make including philanthropy in your client’s estate planning easy, giving them a way to give back to Harford County forever.
  • Access Endow Maryland state tax credits – a 25% credit for gifts to permanent funds at CFHC.
  • CFHC will meet with your clients and/or staff at no charge – giving you the tools to include philanthropy in your conversations with your clients – for both today, and forever.

Ten Reasons People Choose to Give Through Community Foundations


We are a local organization with deep roots in the community.


Our professional program staff has broad expertise regarding community issues and needs.


We provide highly personalized service tailored to each individual’s charitable and financial interests.


Our funds help people invest in the causes they care about most.


We accept a wide variety of assets, and can facilitate even the most complex forms of giving.


We partner with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving.


We offer maximum tax advantages for most gifts under federal law.


We multiply the impact of gift dollars by pooling them with other gifts and grants.


We build endowment funds that benefit the community forever and help create personal legacies.


We are a community leader, convening agencies and coordinating resources to create positive change.

More Benefits

While your client directs the focus of their fund when it’s established, the maintenance and careful oversight is left to us. Our professional staff continually monitors changing community needs so that you can be sure grants made in the name of the fund make the most possible impact and create a legacy of personal giving for your clients.

Your client can add any amount to their fund at any time – and so can others who share their interests. We understand that your clients’ philanthropic priorities may evolve over time. To that end, while all gifts to CFHC are irrevocable, we allow our fundholders to come back to CFHC to re-execute agreements to change their fund’s name or purpose as many times as they’d like over their lifetime. Bottom Line By partnering with CFHC, you can make it easier for your clients to give effectively and maximize their tax benefits.

With a single gift of $10,000 or more your clients can establish a fund at CFHC that allows them to qualify for an immediate tax deduction and give to the causes they care about most. It’s like having their own private foundation without the hassle and expense.

Legal Information:

Legal Information:

  • Legal name: The Community Foundation of Harford County, Inc.
  • Tax ID number: 01-0880770


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