About Us

Building Community
Enriching Lives.

Our Mission

We are committed to promoting and increasing philanthropy by building and managing permanent endowments and gifts to meet the present and emerging needs of Harford County and its nonprofit community.

What is the Community Foundation of Harford County?

We are a nonprofit philanthropic organization whose mission is to meet the changing needs and interests of the community for the benefit of Harford County residents. Donations to the foundation are used to support the quality of life in Harford County. Donors may contribute to a specific area of interest, a specific fund, or to provide support for “best mission use.” All donations stay local. The ability for multiple donors to aggregate donations for more impact is the very heart of community foundations, thus making a big difference with any contribution.

Why the Community Foundation of Harford County?

More than 900 community foundations exist nationwide; all for the same purpose — to make a difference in the community they serve.

These organizations meet the National Standards for Community Foundations and work to plan for the long-term and emerging needs of their community. They provide grants to a wide variety of non-profit organizations. They promote philanthropy at its best and encourage public/private partnerships to improve the quality of life of the community they live in.

How can you make a difference through the Community Foundation of Harford County?

The Community Foundation of Harford County is your one-stop shop for supporting the needs of Harford County. Start a family foundation without the costs of operating a private foundation, organize your company’s philanthropic endeavors and show the county that you truly care about our region, create a legacy for the nonprofit you love by opening a fund that will make an increased annual gift to them in your name, forever.

Call us with your thoughts and ideas, we are here for Harford County and everyone that wants to make sure this county thrives now and forever.


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