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Welcome to the Community Foundation of Harford County

Local Philanthropy at its Best. A Philanthropist? Who, me?

In 1914, a businessman realized he had dollars he wanted to leave to charity, but he couldn’t find an organization that could follow his precise wishes, forever. He worried that his wishes would be corrupted or changed over time and was dismayed that there was no institution that could guarantee his wishes. This is why community foundations were established – community foundations are a philanthropic resource for both your lifetime giving, and a way to ensure that your charitable dollars will be used exactly the way you want them to be, long after you’re gone.

The Community Foundation of Harford County is here to help you do just that. We can help you formalize and plan the philanthropy you currently, or wish to engage in, and help you form a lasting, meaningful legacy in Harford County in your family or businesses name, forever.

We are are your philanthropic thought-partner and are committed to helping make your charitable dreams come true. As a Harford County based, operated, and overseen organization, your dollars will stay right here to support the community we love for the causes or nonprofits you care about. Being a philanthropist doesn’t take much – let us help you start or continue your journey to keep the place we love as vibrant, healthy and beautiful as it can be!