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Connecting People Who Care With Causes that Matter

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A Message From Our President, Jayne Klein

The Community Foundation of Harford County (CFHC) evolved from individuals who were serving on local nonprofit boards. They realized many nonprofits are trapped in a vicious cycle. Each year these nonprofits must divert substantial time from their missions to raise funds to cover yearly expenses. CFHC founders realized there is never sufficient funding for nonprofits to maintain existing programs or establish new programs. Needs grow faster than the population.

At the same time, those who recognized this serious community problem recognized philanthropy could be increased in Harford County. They knew of generous and giving individuals, families, and businesses who wanted to support their communities and important issues. Connecting them became a mission. Thus was born the  Community Foundation of Harford County and our goal - to connect people who care with causes that matter. CFHC partners with donors to make philanthropy happen. We give donors choices and make giving simple and easy.

The idea behind the Community Foundation of Harford County is simple: build a substantial permanent fund from contributions both large and small and use the income it generates to meet Harford County's current and future charitable needs.

At the Community Foundation of Harford County, we are committed to making Harford County a better place for you and those you love. Our mission is to promote and increase charitable giving. We do this by building and managing endowments and gifts to meet the present and emerging needs of Harford County and its nonprofit community.

What we do and how we do it are explained throughout our website. We hope you will take the time to look at our site and contact us if you have questions. You can find our financial statements on the Media and Resources pageWe invite you to become our partner by making a donation or starting a fund. We pledge to be careful stewards of your donation and ensure your gift is preserved and used in keeping with your wishes.

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