Grant Programs

The Community Foundation of Harford County funds nonprofit organizations that have received a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service indicating the organization is tax-exempt. CFHC does not give grants to individuals. CFHC funds in the following program areas:

  • Human services
  • Education
  • Health and safety
  • Community development
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Arts, culture, and humanities

CFHC accepts proposals requesting funding for the following:

  • Demonstration projects if accompanied by a sound evaluation plan
  • General operating costs
  • New or special projects undertaken by an organization
  • Program evaluation, generally if the organization has applied for or received a grant for program implementation
  • Seed money for new nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organizations
  • Gap funding for a project
  • Matching funds required by another funding agency
  • Emergency funds, under certain circumstances. Organizations must contact the foundation to discuss their situations prior to submitting a proposal

CFHC does not fund

  • Capital projects
  • Organizations that do not provide a direct service but are requesting a grant in order to redistribute or re-grant the funds to other organizations
  • Deficit financing
  • Endowments
  • Organizations that do not have nondiscrimination policies
  • Any project that would jeopardize its 501(c)(3) status
  • Religious organizations for religious programs or any religious organization that requires religious participation in return for non-secular assistance
  • Political or lobbying efforts

Discretionary and unrestricted funds are used specifically for organizations and programs that operate in Harford County and assist Harford County residents.

Grant Funds

The Community Foundation of Harford County’s grants are funded through generous donors who have provided unrestricted gifts and/or established unrestricted or interest specific funds.  These funds are designed to meet the changing and emerging needs of the Harford County community.

Through its grant making, the Community Foundation of Harford County strives to improve the quality of life for the residents of Harford County. CFHC strives to maintain a proactive focus and an ability to respond to creative ideas from grant seekers. CFHC encourages applicants to submit proposals that enhance cooperation and collaboration among the organizations and institutions within the county. CFHC promotes the effective delivery of services from nonprofit organizations.