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Grant Funds

Funds for the Community Foundation of Harford County's general grant solicitations come from unrestricted funds as well as interest specific funds and general donations. Unrestricted funds and general donations are received from broad-based public support for use in meeting the changing and emerging needs of the Harford County area.

Through grant making, Community Foundation of Harford County strives to improve the quality of life for the residents of Harford County. CFHC works to maintain a proactive focus and an ability to respond to creative ideas from grant seekers. CFHC encourages applicants to submit proposals that enhance cooperation and collaboration among the organizations and institutions within the county. In dispensing grant funds, it is the mission of CFHC to exercise leadership on charitable issues while advancing the cause of philanthropy throughout our area and promoting effective delivery of services from nonprofit organizations.

Grant Proposals

The Community Foundation of Harford County only accepts grant proposals at specific times of the year as determined by the board of directors.  During those application periods, guidelines, applications, and reporting requirements will be available online and by contacting the CFHC office.

Grant proposals will be reviewed at such times as decided by the board of directors. A grant committee, appointed by the board and composed of members of the board of directors and additional volunteer members of the community, will review proposals. Recommendations will be forwarded to the full board for approval. Grant Review Committee members will be trained in order to facilitate fair and equitable review. CFHC will strive to have its grant review committee broadly representative of the community. Each member will abide by the CFHC's conflict of interest policy.

Program Areas

The Community Foundation of Harford County funds nonprofit organizations that have received a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service indicating the organization is tax-exempt. CFHC does not give grants to individuals. CFHC funds in the following program areas:

CFHC accepts proposals requesting funding for the following:

CFHC does not ordinarily fund

CFHC does not fund

Discretionary and unrestricted funds are used specifically for organizations and programs that operate in Harford County and assist Harford County residents.

Grantee Responsibilities

Grantees must enter into an agreement with Community Foundation of Harford County and must provide the community foundation with a financial and narrative report at the end of the project or before applying for another grant, whichever comes first. The reports must explain the status of the project, if it did or is doing what it said it would do, and how grant funds are being used. Grantees will be expected to use funding within one year but may receive an extension of up to six months. A grantee may not apply for another grant if it has an open grant with the foundation. Staff and board members reserve the right to conduct site visits to evaluate the status of grant programs. Mini-Grant recipients have lesser requirements.

Eligible applicants receiving a grant award from CFHC may only use grant funds for the purposes for which the grant was made. If at any time funds are being misused, CFHC has the authority to withhold and/or recover grant funds. As required by the Internal Revenue Service, CFHC must advise prospective grantees and donors that it will investigate allegations of improper use of grant funds for the private benefit of donor-advisors.

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