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Community Foundation Founder's Circle

The Founder's Circle recognizes businesses, individuals, and families that pledge annual support for the mission and operations of the Community Foundation of Harford County. 

Operating dollars are critical for CFHC to serve the community. Gifts made for operations today help sustain the Foundation, providing power to make a difference today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Founder's Circle Leaders

Harford Bank

PNC Bank

Peoples Bank

Klein's ShopRite
Circle Community Supporters
Chesapeake Bank

The legacy of a generous life

Ethel and Charles EshinskyCharles John Eshinsky lived a long and giving life. He served in World War II, surviving the attack on Pearl Harbor and the battle of Iwo Jima. He worked at the Edgewood Army Chemical Center. With his wife of 55 years, Ethel, he adopted a daughter, Janet, and raised his family in Edgewood, Maryland. Chaso, as his family called him, volunteered at VA hospitals, the American Legion, and his church. He was a recipient of the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medal in memory of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Read more about Mr. Eshinsky...

Janet Anderson, Chaso's daughter, remembers her father as kind and creative, always smiling and always ready to build, fix something, or lend a hand.


Janet established The Charles John Eshinsky Memorial Scholarship Fund on March 2, 2015, which would have been her father's 100th birthday. The scholarship honors her father, who who lived life generously with his time and his talents and with the gifts he was given.

Roger Gaumond does not regard himself as a rich man.

However, within 12 months after the death of his wife Ann, the Community Foundation of Harford County helped him establish the Ann K. Gaumond Fund.

Dr. Gaumond, a retired Professor of Bioengineering, wanted to help fund social and educational programs for children in Harford County. Though they had no children, the Gaumonds were  long known for taking neighborhood children on excursions to amusement parks and sail boating.

Since 2010, Roger's fund has supported programs at the Y of Central Maryland, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Harford County, the Greater Excellence in Education Foundation, Inner County Outreach, and LASOS.

"It was amazingly straightforward to start a fund in Ann's memory," says Dr. Gaumond. "The important idea is 'in perpetuity'. Endowment funds are a lasting legacy that you can leave to do good. That is special."

Toning muscles and keeping physically fit is not all the Y is about.

Many members of the Y of Central Maryland do not realize how many programs the Y supports for underprivileged families right here in Harford County.

The Walter & Betty Ward Family Center Y, in Abingdon, started an endowment fund with the Community Foundation of Harford County in order to allow these programs to continue - even during lean years when the families need it most. "Our involvement with the Community Foundation started with our Y getting a mini-grant," says Suzanne Green, Ward Family Center Y Director. "From there, we decided to start an endowment fund to allow our community programs to be sustained into the future."

Investment in our community foundation is not only about today... It's really about tomorrow.

Thanks to the Community Foundation of Harford County, small non-profits like the Boys and Girls Clubs of Harford County can count on services such as training and mentoring.  These services allow non-profits to help themselves be more effective without added overhead.  They get services as needed which helps keep their business growing over time.  The Boys and Girls Clubs of Harford County now has an endowment fund intended to sustain programs well into the future.

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