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Connecting People Who Care With Causes that Matter

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Doe's List

Doe's List is named
in memory of
Dolores Zavislan
a woman who gave
generously and selflessly
to people and causes in
her community for more
than 60 years.
May Doe's spirit live on
in the gifts of others.

Doe's List is an interactive place for nonprofits to post needs and wish-lists, share information and resources, and connect with the community at-large. Through Doe's List, you can post requests for specific needs pertaining to your organization, or respond to requests if you can help.

CFHC retains the right to remove any listing or organization from Doe's List at its discretion. Transactions to fulfill requests are the sole responsibility of the individuals and organizations, and each party assumes all risks. CFHC makes no claims to the quality, validity, or credibility of the requests or donated items.

To submit a request, click on the forum category that best applies to your request. Once that forum category page loads, click on "New Topic," then log-in and post your request. If you don't already have an account, you will be prompted to create one. Once you have done that, you'll be able to type in your request. Type your request's name in the "New Topic" box, and the request itself in the "Post" box.

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by revrick
Topics: -125 Posts: 2 26-Feb-2013
by HFH
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by j-walk
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by Volunteer MD
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by The Highlands School
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by The Highlands School
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by None
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by HFH

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