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Tamara Zavislan Accepts Pioneer Award on Behalf of MD Community Foundations


Tamara Zavislan, executive director of the Community Foundation of Harford County, accepted the Pioneer Award from the Grant Professionals Association on behalf of the Maryland Community Foundations Association (MCFA). The award was presented in Baltimore on November 15 at the 15th annual conference of the Grant Professionals Association.

The Pioneer Award recognizes a grantmaker that has impacted and improved the way grant professionals do their work. The Maryland Community Foundations Association, which represents 14 community foundations across Maryland, was nominated by the Maryland Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association for community foundations’ efforts to provide training and resources to nonprofit organizations in the areas of fundraising and grants management.

When accepting the award for the MCFA, Zavislan said, “By their very nature, community foundations thrive in strong relationships, committed collaborations and productive partnerships. Maryland's community foundations are proud to work with grants professionals across the state to strengthen the quality of life in our counties. Together, we are dedicated to meeting the current and future needs of all Marylanders.

Community foundations are permanent sources of philanthropic dollars and specialize in building civic endowments to serve their regions’ changing needs.  Maryland is home to 14 community foundations, each serving a region of the state in unique ways. Maryland’s community foundations hold a total of more than $760 million in philanthropic assets and distributed about $128 million in grants this past year to nonprofit organizations in their communities, addressing a wide range of issues, from education to aging, the arts to the environment. 

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