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Connecting People Who Care With Causes that Matter

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About the Community Foundation of Harford County

Our Vision:   Harford County, Maryland, is a culturally, economically, and educationally rich environment with healthy and safe communities.

Our Mission:   We are committed to promoting and increasing philanthropy by building and managing permanent endowments and gifts to meet the present and emerging needs of Harford County and its nonprofit community.

From AFP-Maryland: National Philanthropy Day 2014

What is the Community Foundation of Harford County?

The Community Foundation of Harford County is a 501(c)(3) public charity (nonprofit) supported by the community through donations. CFHC is modeled after the more than 700 community foundations in the U.S. and approximately 1,500 community foundations around the world. CFHC enables individuals, families, and businesses to create a legacy to benefit the causes about which they care.

We help connect people who wish to give back to their community with causes that are dear to them. Charitable gifts given to us are used to make the community stronger. This is done through grant making. Gifts to the community foundation are tax deductible.

Donors choose CFHC because we make giving simple and easy. Donations of any size are welcomed and a variety of assets are accepted. The community foundation invests the donations so the assets can grow like a savings account. The interest earned on permanent funds, which are called endowments, is given back to the community through grants. Occasionally a fund will be non-endowed, meaning both principal and interest are used for grant distributions.

The community foundation is a vehicle for donors to contribute to the future well being of Harford County and the people who live here. CFHC makes charitable grants on behalf of donors to help organizations and communities around the county. CFHC serves as a partner in philanthropy, complementing the efforts of other private and public charities, nonprofit organizations, and civic efforts.

Donors have many choices in giving. There are seven different charitable giving categories from which donors may choose. These include

  • meeting the greatest community needs,
  • specifying an area of charitable interest,
  • designating specific agencies to receive the benefits of the charitable gift,
  • giving educational scholarships,
  • making recommendations as to which organizations receive a distriubtion,
  • assisting the community foundation meet its day-to-day expenses, or
  • as a nonprofit, setting up a fund to benefit the organization.

CFHC will work with donors to set up a support organization or manage a private foundation.

The donor of a gift of $10,000 or more may choose a name for the donation, which is called a component fund. To make it easy for donors, CFHC has a starter or accumulator fund, which allows donors time to build their fund. Separate accounting is maintained on the interest earned and on distributions made from all component funds.

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